News                                               Wearable Post-surgical Icing & Heating Garments and Wraps

While there are currently many successful surgeries, the post-surgical icing methods remain the same and usually include bags of crushed ice, blue ice, gel-ice packs or bags of frozen vegetables being carefully held on the affected surgical area in hopes to reduce pain and swelling while enhancing the healing process. None of the current post-surgical icing procedures offer a wearable medical device which resembles soft and comfortable clothing.


SURGICAL ICE’s products contain strategically placed pockets designed to house the provided gel-ice packs or bags of ice to assist in cooling various surgical areas. This is the first wearable line of post-surgical thermal garments providing patients mobility while they heal and ice or heat the affected surgical area. There is a worldwide industry need to make the recovery easier for plastic surgery patients by providing a convenient post-surgical icing method that allows the patient greater abundance of mobility and comfort.